Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lost and Found Earring

My parents had gifted me a lovely pair of ear rings for my wedding. I love wearing them regularly as they were very light weight. Last year around this same time (March 2012), one day, I had gone to board my younger daughter in her school van. On the way back home I realized that one ear ring (stud) was missing. I had only the other lock part of it which was still intact. After searching the house, road, etc. for 2-3 hours, I was slowly losing hope. I tithed, prayed and stopped my search for the ear ring. My husband was very supportive and told me if I am destined to get, it would come my way. Though I could not accept it fully at that point of time, I had just let go. 

Implementing LOA came to my mind.  I stayed with the feeling of being happy that I already got my ear rings. I visualized myself wearing that ear ring and going for the Lifeskills training which I had volunteered at a slum area school in Bannerghatta Road.  It might sound stupid but all I did was just 'Being happy and grateful' for getting that ear ring back.  The next day I had gone to board my daughter and was walking back home and Lo!! there it was in the midst of the road. I was awestuck!!  I frantically checked the ring for any damages as many school vans and cars go in that way.. Nothing at all. My ear ring was right intact. Though my MIL insisted that I keep it in the safe and not wear it again, I wore it  beaming with joy and gratitude to my LifeSkills session to make my dream come true. Visualizations coming true and that too, so beautifully is still a big surprise for me :)

Even today as I look at myself in the mirror, my ear rings are there to remind me that this beautiful life is filled with lots of lovely miracles :)