Monday, April 10, 2006

Change your past??

"If you get a chance to change an incident in your past, what would you change?" This question made me to think.. I would have changed a lot of things if this question was asked few years ago. But today, this question makes me to realize the importance of failures. Here goes a comparison of what I would have wished to change a few years back and my state of state on the same issue today.

Few Years Back: I would have changed my name (a total different name.. I hate the way people irritate me by calling "Anurammma" or "Anuraaama" or the worse, "Manorama, is it?").

Today: I wouldnt have got a blog id and a link so easily. Same is the case with any registration.. Thanks to my Dad. And ofcourse, there are people who remember me well because of my strange name.

Few Years Back: I would have studied well to get into a DOTE I college..

Today: I dont have any regrets for having studied at my college. Gosh.. all the fun I had in my hostel days and the wonderful set of friends I got during my college days..

Few Years Back: I would have got atleast 2 more jobs by trying off-campus. I rejoiced once I got my first offer letter. Never knew that my batch would face the after-effects of WTC attack.

Today: I would have never got the experience that I got in my first company. My first job made me realise the value of money. My starting salary was meagre. I used to plan for every penny I spend.. I saved them to buy something for my parents and my younger brother. The joy I had then can never be put in words.

These are just a few thoughts.. The list goes on and on. The jist of it.. "All that happens, happens for your own good". I had laughed at this phrase at many points of time in my life. I had fought with God for not giving me all the luxuries that others had. But today I thank God for the wonderful life he has gifted. I dont say that I am fully satisfied with my present life. Even now, I wish I could change a few things here and there.. but then immediately I think of all that I had wished to change from my past and how well they have helped me to face life.

Don't let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest. Don't judge life by one difficult season. Persevere through the difficult patches and better times are sure to come some time or later. I have experienced this and I am sure its the way life teaches its lessons for all of us.. what say?