Monday, April 10, 2006

Change your past??

"If you get a chance to change an incident in your past, what would you change?" This question made me to think.. I would have changed a lot of things if this question was asked few years ago. But today, this question makes me to realize the importance of failures. Here goes a comparison of what I would have wished to change a few years back and my state of state on the same issue today.

Few Years Back: I would have changed my name (a total different name.. I hate the way people irritate me by calling "Anurammma" or "Anuraaama" or the worse, "Manorama, is it?").

Today: I wouldnt have got a blog id and a link so easily. Same is the case with any registration.. Thanks to my Dad. And ofcourse, there are people who remember me well because of my strange name.

Few Years Back: I would have studied well to get into a DOTE I college..

Today: I dont have any regrets for having studied at my college. Gosh.. all the fun I had in my hostel days and the wonderful set of friends I got during my college days..

Few Years Back: I would have got atleast 2 more jobs by trying off-campus. I rejoiced once I got my first offer letter. Never knew that my batch would face the after-effects of WTC attack.

Today: I would have never got the experience that I got in my first company. My first job made me realise the value of money. My starting salary was meagre. I used to plan for every penny I spend.. I saved them to buy something for my parents and my younger brother. The joy I had then can never be put in words.

These are just a few thoughts.. The list goes on and on. The jist of it.. "All that happens, happens for your own good". I had laughed at this phrase at many points of time in my life. I had fought with God for not giving me all the luxuries that others had. But today I thank God for the wonderful life he has gifted. I dont say that I am fully satisfied with my present life. Even now, I wish I could change a few things here and there.. but then immediately I think of all that I had wished to change from my past and how well they have helped me to face life.

Don't let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest. Don't judge life by one difficult season. Persevere through the difficult patches and better times are sure to come some time or later. I have experienced this and I am sure its the way life teaches its lessons for all of us.. what say?


Surreal Kid said...

Perfectly said, Anurammma! I don't have slightest of doubt abt chaning my way,ya me too felt the after effects of WTC fall...a lot happened right from my child hood. Now I feel that I had enjoied each n every success/failure,

Seen tha nadir and can't go below that...without that lessons I wouldn’t have been this person

chitra said...

Hmmm....season, situation or people - never let them affect you adversely :)! I sound too patronizing when I say this? :)

Shankar said... saying 'I'm happy for all that has happened', a true, self-satisfied statement or
Is it to feign a confidence or a happiness or
Is it in comparison to others who didn't even see the joys that you have seen?!
I don't know - I really would like to change atleast a few things in the past, which I consider would put me in a better position - they could be silly & vain, but yes!

Premalatha said...

Helps me. :)

Dadoji said...

I would have preferred a better past. I would have definitely liked to change events that left me scarred forever.

That said, it is equally true that each of those events left me with something that made me stronger. Yes, I paid the price and I'd rather not but I am all the more better for it.

Would I have preferred a better past? Yes!
Do I despair over my past? No way! I have moved on and that the honest thing I can say.

Jay said...

Hmm.. interesting!

Prakash said...

Changing the past for a better present? Or changing only some "incidents/things" for the same present?

i wud go for the second one!

endevourme said...

i agree completely with ya...
nice post
cheers :)

Anurama said...

# Surreal Kid,

yes.. I love the way life teaches lessons for us.. :)

# Chitra,

No da.. But it is not the season, situtation or people.. It is our soul which affects us.. I might sound too philosophical.. but thats how I feel..

# Shankar,

That was a self-satisfied statement. I used to compare my life with others earlier but life has taught me to compare with 'what I was' and 'what I am' and thats what gives the self-satisfaction with 'what I am' now.

I am sure after a few days/years, you would say that without those incidents in the past (the ones that you want to change) led to what you are today.. lets wait and see..

# Premalatha,

Thanks :)

# Dadoji,

Exactly the same feelings that I have.. :)

# Jay,

Thanks :)

# Prakash,

Nope.. Its more of "Accepting the past as it is" which ultimately leads us to "Accepting the present as it is".. what say?

# Endevourme,

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I feel "accepting whatever happens to me is for my own good" is ignorance and escapism. For me, this means I dont have to do anything to better my present situation.

Work for a better "present" then you wont have a "past" that you wish to change.

Sorry if I hurt anyone.

Anurama said...

# Anonymous,

Nope.. dont feel sorry. The point you have mentioned is correct. But what about incidents on which we cannot have any control? Think of the WTC crash.. How many of us were affected by it?

You can never change things like this in your past. But, yes, it is left to us to go ahead and change things in the 'present' so that we will have a better 'past' after a few years.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

exactly the replay I expected and a valid point. I agree.

Shankar said...

Hello Anonymous/ Anu,
The point of discussion here is 'Do we WISH to change something in the past?'.
We all know that we cannot change things that happened - such as WTC. But would you wish to change it, if it was possible?
Yes, I'd def. would like to change it.
Its just a wishful thinking! No serious introspections here!
My point is - almost everyone would have something that they'd LIKE to change.
It doesn't mean that people sulk about it and remain stuck in the past! They can be happier than they were before currently!

Surreal Kid said...


In everyone's life there would be some moments which everyone would not have wished. I believe those dreadful moments taught me a lot, but still I wish could have learnt in a better way...!

I think there are few incidents which I wish to change in the past, but more incidents to leave as it is!

Raju said...

very well said, Anu.. Often I do remember Kitty's "Vazhkkaiyileyum VCR pola rewind button irundha evvalavu nalla irukkum".. but the reality that it doesnt exist gives us the max. alertness to do things with least damage..

Jinguchakka said...

But it's not always possible to become happy with whatever we get. And as you write it's all while looking back, we realise it's all for the good. Never at the actual point of time.

ram said...

This is my first post in ur blog.

Though everyone knows that they could not revert back in time, everybody wishes the same (as fighting against death). some times I (we?!) travel in future and make some plans, which may happen and when it happens then we could rejoice that we had changed the past, when we get into the present (the current future). I think I am confusing as I am unable to convey properly, and will stop now.

Anonymous said...

Well said.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:-))
The words are gain seem to be very close and the words related to college & WTC are very true, the ones who experienced it will accept it. I remember with 5K I used a live a better life than now. The WTC have changed a lot in my life thought many lessons & gave a lot of experience too.

No Point thinking of changing the past if you do it then you will end up trying to change things related to birth.

Great thoughts.

Elango said...


all the best!!!

endrum anbudan, elango