Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy (?) Women's Day

Why do we celebrate Women's Day? Isnt it a day to tell to the world that women are in par with men? If yes, can you tell me that no woman faced any eve-teasing today? Shouldnt we be ashamed to give a negative answer for the above question?

Why is it that a woman has to undergo all ordeals? Having her monthly friend to trouble her, do all household chores, go to work to meet her family's financial requirements, give birth to a baby and to top it all, feel ashamed for having born as a woman when guys join hands to tease her.
Shouldnt we be ashamed of this fact? I have undergone a great deal of eve-teasing. In the inital days, I never had the courage to raise my voice against those stupids. I was afraid. When I started raising my voice, started slapping those guys on their face, I realized that they were mere cowards who tend to utilize the slightest oppurtunity to touch a woman, pass comments about her, etc. If she doesnt have the guts to protect her, then they build their courage and take their liberty in over-doing their favourite time-pass.

How many of you will be happy to have your daughters out there being teased by a rogue? Are these men getting encouraged because of our movies that make women do only the glamour role? Then why are we encouraging those stupid movies? Why isnt there any rule to stop this non-sense? When government can impose rule to stop showing scenes where a person smokes, why cant they stop making a heroine wear a two piece costume while the hero is fully dressed?

There was this link at Blank Noise project where a guy has poured his mind out. Yup.. I agree with most of his points.. but, why is it that girls who are well-dressed and decent are also teased by men? Doesnt that showcase the cheap mentality of men? Why are gals getting raped and killed every day? Even if they have showcased a part of their body, why should men go to the extreme limits? Havent you seen men who roam around with sleeveless shirts? Havent you come across men wearing tight pants so that you can make out the shape of their wallet? How many of them are getting raped or the least, how many of them are getting teased by other women? When we gals maintain our decency and limits when it comes for commenting on the dresscode of men, why cant men draw boundary lines for themselves?

I am sorry if this post ended up to be a very serious one.. I had just poured my heart out.. Please correct me if my views are wrong.

This day being Women's day, I humbly request all men who read this post to take a pledge not to tease any woman. And ofcourse, to all girls out there, no adam-teasing please.


chitra said...

Arrey Anu... do not apologize da ! It's perfectly okay.... very passionate post !

chitra said...

BTW, me phurst !

Anurama said...

# Chitra,

Thanks da :)

# Chitra,

he he.. :)

Prakash said...

I completely agree with ur post.

Raju said...

I totally agree with you.. Your take on the movies is very correct. If we look at things carefully, we have Rajini who, whenever he gets a chance, keeps challenging women and acts in roles in which he wins/dominates them.. This, despite him having two daughters. And, we have Vijay, who is also in utter disregard for women in most of his movies, and even Vikram was in a shocking role in Majaa. When the youth idolize them, what would they learn?

Anurama said...

# Prakash,

Thanks for understanding :)

# Raju,

Well said..

# Prakash n Raju,

Hi Guys, you have really made a big difference. Infact, the way you have encouraged my ideas makes me feel proud of having such understanding men in my country :)

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

That Akash's blog is one of the most ridiculous, stupid and (all swear words of the English Language) blogs that I've ever read.

That Ass-hole even justifies the eve-teasing of 10 year old girls saying that they deliberately bend and do things which show their pussy to others. WHAT A LOAD OF FUCKING CRAP !!

And to top it, you being a woman think his views are correct ?? Shame on you.


harty said...

Hi Anu. Here through the Blank Noise Project. With regret, I have to say you have taken a very simplistic view of things. At the outset, let me state that I hate eve-teasing just as much as you do.
First, "the monthly friend" is not relevant to the topic, and is no fault of men's. Ditto, giving birth. That is how human biology is. Second, you want the govt. to stop movies from showing girls with two pieces? Whereas 99.99% of posts in this project want girls to be able to wear two pieces freely. The point here is not to ban things. Rather educate the men about women's rights, make them not see a sexual object in a women wearing a two piece. You ban them from movies, they will find it in porn sites, video libraries and so on. How long will you keep banning stuff? Third point you make about girls maintaining their decency with men. There are two reasons for that. Men in general are scientifically more sexually excitable than women. Another, the skewed sex ratio in India combined with insufficient sex education. A 16 year old boy in an average indian village, doesn't get to know about sex, men and women. He cannot date girls his age. That boy goes on to college in a nearby city at 18, and oogles at the sleeveless topped college girl. I am not defending eve teasing, just stating that it requires proper education to eradicate the problem of eve-teasing, and not just branding all men as hungry wolves.

perspective said...

Wow! anupama... how different people think differently...
i wish you looked at how the society is and what happens to women when they are eve-teased from a larger picture.. and so pessimistically.
Most men around you who'd endorse ur idea arent the ones who eve-tease... and getting a promise from them wont work on a long term.

i would urge you to read my entry on the same title as yours and tell me what you think of it.

Surreal Kid said...

Its insteresting to read all of teh responses for this post. I toltally agree with you Anu, that every man shoudl respect women's rights and appreciate their contribution to the family, society and Country.

But, banning is not the right solution as mentioned by harty. Its human tendency to do things when told not to do. It would be a better option to educate the youth about everything, right from sex education to undertsand and respecting human relations.

Ur post was inspiring !!!

Anurama said...

# Shailesh,

Cool down.. I had given that link mainly to show the guts that Akash had. He had written what 75% of the guys have in mind but never had the guts to utter in public or rather, to a girl. It was not that I agree totally to all that he says. He had also mentioned about the usage of his English even at the start of the post. But, I pity that you didnt even take the curtosy to avoid bad language in your comment. Anyways, thanks for letting me know your views. I respect your views as I respected Akash's views.

# Harty,

Agreed on your first point. Had put that in my post just to make guys realize how much pain a woman has to undergo. This might not be related to your Blank noise project. But these are my views and I wanted to put them straight.

As far as ur second point is concerned, I totally disagree. I agree that women have their rights to select their costume but I disagree with 'total modernization'. I am sorry for not understanding the ideas of Blank Noise Project in this regard. But I still stick on to my point. I will never agree to a woman wearing a mini skirt to her workplace and later complain about the men who passed comments. Women should know to safeguard themselves and dress is the first thing that attracts the opposite sex. So, why take the initiative and later complain about it?

Your third point is interesting. Might be you are right about banning but again, I had just expressed my long-nagging view.

Anyways, thanks for ur comments.

# Perspective,

Hi, Whats wrong in thanking men who appreciate our views. These kind of men might be very few but ofcourse, we have to be proud of them. Thanks for letting me know ur views.

Really liked ur post. A different perspective :)

# Surreal Kid,

Thanks :)

harty said...

Hi Anu.
About what a woman wears to work, I guess it would be driven more by the office ambience, than anything else. If your workplace requires you to wear western formals, most woman would wear a trouser or a skirt. I am sure nobody wears a mini-skirt to work. Outside, I guess it should remain a woman's prerogative as to what she should wear, without receiving lewd comments or abuse. Nobody prevents a man from wearing tight jeans, muscle-hugging T or a nearly see-through netted shirt. So why should a woman be constrained to wear "decent" clothes? It should be up to her entirely.

endevourme said...

anybuddy wear whatever he/she wants. who bothers?

Anurama said...

# Harty,

//So why should a woman be constrained to wear "decent" clothes? It should be up to her entirely.

Agreed.. You have put it across in a neat way. Thanks for sharing ur views..

Anurama said...

# Endevourme,

//anybuddy wear whatever he/she wants. who bothers?

the thing is that no one bothers whatever 'he' wears but its not the same case for 'she'.. thats why..

endevourme said...

but i agree with blank noise thing as well...
i agree more to him than to you...
i mean i accept what you said in the post...
you need not say that whatever all girls do is good...

Anonymous said...

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Ravi said...

I agree with you.

Its all because of illiteracy.

Thought for the Day : "As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. " - Chanakya

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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