Monday, January 23, 2006


Gently close your eyes. Feel that you are sitting on this cloud. The place is absolutely silent except for the mild gush of wind and the small ripples in the sea. You are there with a smile on your face. There arent any worldly tensions to run to and you are fully relaxed. Enjoy your stay on this wonderful cloud.

'Thud' I looked around to see what had happened and lo.. I am sitting in my chair and my PC was staring at me with an angry look. Shucks.. I was listening to one of those relaxation albums and have fallen asleep. Never had the oppurtunity to get such wonderful dreams otherwise. To hell with all this monday morning blues :(


Vikram said...


Don't we all hate Mondays?

Anurama said...

# Vikram,

Ha ha.. et tu?

Vivhyd said...

wonderful pic.. my desktop wallpaper now :)