Friday, January 20, 2006

PC Life

Soon after joining this 8 hours of having PC life at office, I started facing the after-effects of having PC as my best friend:

  • Oops, I had put 2 spoons of salt instead of just one.. if only I had an undo button..
  • I just crossed that channel which was playing Mr. Bean's show.. if only I had a Ctrl-C option, I would have copied the channel number.. Now, I need to scroll through all the channels... phew..
  • Whenever I see any guy trying to lean on an innocent looking gal in a government bus, I miss my Ctrl-Alt-Del - Task Manager - End Task which would have killed that guy forever.
  • That wonderful fried rice I had cooked the other day.. Sheesh why dont we have a redo button..
  • Any thing I need to keep hidden at home so that I can bring it out as a surprise after a day or two.. baah.. why isnt there a password protect option?
  • I need to clean my car before taking it out.. Shucks.. why didnt I get some Disk Cleanup thing for my car also..
  • For all those unwanted memories, I seriously need a Shift+Delete button
  • Categorise people n their talks as 'Junk' and move it to a seperate folder.. Come back to read it only if I feel like.. If not, send them to trash directly..
  • A search option to find the keys - oops, I am searching for more than half an hour now.
  • Zoom into a particular place and check if there are any insects hidden there..
  • An automatic security system which alerts me if a cockroach or a lizard is the same room, hiding to frighten me any second.
  • A Norton Antivirus programme to remove all the yuckie people from my wonderful life system..
  • A back button to go to the previous work I had been doing and continue it from the point I had left..
  • If only I get to write functions for cooking, eating, cleaning, etc, I would leave it to my program to handle while I enjoy that extra hour of sleep.
  • Some Bookmarks in life which will help us to go to that particular thought and recollect all the details about the person who is on the other side of the road.. Say a big 'hi' to the gal n ask "Dont remember me?" and come up with all the details about her n surprise her (I am always bad at this one in real life).

You have any such after-effects? I would love to hear them..


Surreal Kid said...

one common problem, is spell mistake, we use MSWORD and we (atleast myself) never cared about spell check while typing..comlete the mail and just undo the red lines...have become such a lazy dum..

Anurama said...

ha ha.. :)

chitra said...

How about Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V while signing on multiple docs? Not to mention writing addresses at multiple places :) !

Anurama said...

# Chitra,

ha ha :)

Aravind said...

Add to this the usage of sms lingo.
v r not doin it d karekt way.

Prakash said...

interesting post!!!

Anurama said...

# Arvind,

lol :)

# Prakash,

Thanks :P