Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I always love the posters sent by Pravsworld. This Monday was one of the toughest days. I had to take few major decisions and I was not sure of the outcome. With all tensions when I started my day in office checking my mails, I had got this wonderful poster from Pravs. It gave me support and encouragement in my decision. I immediatly felt relaxed. "Whatever happens, happens for good". Thanks to Pravs group for making a difference in lives of many :)


Rajan kambli said...

Dear Anurama,

I have appriciate your thoughts & ideas about live Life.

When I saw your first thougt that time I fully impressed and realy unspeakable.

It's always inspiring to me and will inspir.


Rajan Kambli.

heidi said...

Hi just chanced upon ur blog....I too love the posters sent by pravsworld very much. I plan to meet the guy who started it all sometime..

All the best.


maharaj said...

really good,Really God always try to give everything at that time we should be able pick the things.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was impressed by your thoughts about life.
When i checked my mails on monday, i was so happy by the inspirationals words sent to my box by pravs.
Bravo to these wonderful people that touch lives thru this site PRAVS.
Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

i receive pravsworld thoughts and posters thru friends of mine .... and every time the wordings give me hope to live on and not give up inspite of the family problems i face.

alaa said...

thank you so much for this lovly imege