Wednesday, January 04, 2006

CAN conquer CANcer

I always used to admire Maala aunty. At the age of 40, she came to know the shock of her life - Cancer had come as her best friend for life. Her long hair was lost due to the continuous Chemotheraphy. Her beautiful skin became fully black. But her spirit was young and youthful. She made 2 wigs out of her hair for her daughter. She started paying more visits to her relatives and neighbours. She never used to talk about her suffering. We always used to have good entertainment if she was around us - She spread fun and frolic around. Cancer didnt have any discretion.. It took away Mala aunty from her kids and loving husband. It was really horrible to see how much she suffered in her last days.

You might think why I am writing all this when I am supposed to write something encouraging. Yes.. Maala aunty was gifted cancer because of passive smoking. If you are a smoker, then this post is especially for you. Please stop and think for a second. You are killing yourself and others in the due course. Do you know the pain your family will undergo when Cancer pays a visit to you? Have you ever thought how much pain you will have to undergo? It might be only a matter of Rs.2.50 now but even if you are ready to pay 2.5Lakhs, Cancer will not let you go later. Please help me to purify my world for you... Come, its time for us to conquer Cancer.

CAN Conquer CANcer initiative


donthecat said...

Thanks a Mil, Anurama, for the support extended to the CCC initiative... We appreciate your contribution.

Wish you Best of Luck in the Contest

Surreal Kid said...

Wonderful post. it's time for everyone to show their gratitude towards others..

Prakash said...

Well said.

Anurama said...

#Donthecat, surreal kid n prakash,

Thanks :)

Vikram said...

good post.

Anurama said...

# Vikram,

Thanks :)