Friday, January 06, 2006


'vasandangal naalai thirumbi varuma'
engira ekkathudan mega porvaiyai
izhuthu porthikolgiradhu nilavu


Prakash said...

You missed the translation this time.

Jay said...


Are these your thoughts?

chitra said...

Amma... translation!!

Shankar said...

Hi all, here's a rough translation (not a verbatim one!) of Anu's verse:
Will the spring days return soon -
Longingly sighs the winter moon;
Pulling on to its cloudy shorud,
It slumbers over my haystack mound.

Sorry Anu, pls. go ahead give your own version..

Anurama said...

# Prakash, Jay n Chitra,

Didnt have much time to give a translation.

# Shankar,

Thanks a lot for helping me out :) I couldnt have put it across in much better way.