Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dream Book

Most of the Personality Development books encourage us to have our own "dream book". I understood the importance of my "dream book" only after practicing it. If you dont know what a "dream book" is all about, continue reading:

  • Your dream book should capture atleast 101 dreams of yours.
  • Even if your dreams are big, go ahead and jot it down in your dream book.
  • Categorise your dreams as Family, Career, Spiritual, Material, etc.
  • If possible, stick some pictures in your dream book.
  • Allot 10 minutes everyday to read your dream book... If possible, visualize every point as you read.

I am sure that most of you will find this to be a very effective technique to make your dreams come true.

Night is longer for those who Dream... And Day is longer for those who make their Dreams come true...!!!


Raju said...

enna, romba busy-ya? Blogging very sporadically???

Surreal Kid said...

Ths last line-wel said :)

Anurama said...


Had loads of work these days. Planning to start blogging regularly from now on :)

#Surreal Kid,

Thanks :)